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September 10, 2018


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Oh my! what a lovely surprise to see you back again Jane. I clicked on my link to your blog as I do from time to time, and to my delight I find you've been writing for a while (so an extra treat - catching up with what I've missed....).
Such treasures, those Odorico mosaics. I always find something new and exciting when I visit you.
Visiting Edinburgh we had a look around St Giles Cathedral. Nothing particularly grabbed me until I spotted the large window and (thanks to you...) I thought I recognised the style. Sure enough, it's by Douglas Strachan.
I shall be following you again and looking forward to more gems.
Welcome back. Deborah

Lisa G.

So, those beach huts aren't just an English thing, then? Love the mosaics!

Barbara Dunford

You took me straight back to lovely Brittany where we lived for 12 happy years.
Just found your blog and look forward to reading more.

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