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August 22, 2018


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Margaret Longden

Oh this struck a chord with me Jane! I think we must be of an age. I’ve always had houseplants, my favourite being a spider plant which I grew to huge proportions, with dozens of babies, which I had in a macrame holder suspended from the ceiling. Alas, the macrame twine rotted through and I came down one morning to find mother and babies in a mass of broken terracotta on the floor - no survivors. I admit to crying. A recent downsize to house with lots of plant places means I’ve upped the numbers. I’m even in the throes of establishing a pilea farm - how on trend am I?!


House plants also take toxic gases out of the air and add oxygen, so there is a health reason to have them.


I have a spider plant that I got 1/2 price at aldi. It has been surprisingly hard to kill. It is about 5 years old at this point (I am terrible at remembering to water and don't have many sunny windows.) I discovered by accident that it loves unflavored gelatin as a fertilizer. It now has several flowers and babies.
I recently sprouted an avocado by sticking it in a bulb forcing vase, covered in water and cling wrap. I topped off the water whenever it went below the bottom of the seed. It took more then a month to sprout. It now is a foot tall and has 10 leaves. I am not sure how long it will last on just water so hope to figure out how to plant it soon.


Yes to all of the above. I had a much loved Yukka plant, that other ‘70’s favourite, that even moved house with me a few times. I am not very good with house plants now, though I usually have a geranium on my kitchen windowsill during the summer months.

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