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August 8, 2018


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Welcome back! I have just discovered that you have resumed writing your excellent blog. Oh how I missed your wonderful pictures. And to think that you are now living in Cambridge too. Yes, I love Heffers (although it has changed its name) and my husband fell off a punt and went for a dip in the river many years ago. Lord Byron swam in a 'pool' near Granchester that is, I believe, called Byron's Pool but I've never known where it is.

Do keep posting. It's all very enjoyable.


I loved this post Jane, so happy you’re blogging again. I too did French at uni and can sympathise, I remember writing essays about Rousseau and Haussmann but would still have struggled in basic day to day French. I’m now a secondary school French teacher and just love it. Any more recommendations of books or movies? I’m working my way through ‘l’élégance du hérisson’ by Muriel Barbery, the language is quite accessible I think.

Laura Truffaut

So glad that you are back to your wonderful old blogging ways! Instagram is a wonderful, colorful, loud, ever-busy conversation, but the pace and depth of a good creative blog like yours is a different and rare type of delight.
If I may make a suggestion as a fairly intellectual Parisian (who prefers Dyptique to Chanel), check out the non-Maigret novels by Simenon. They are excellent.

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