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July 24, 2018


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Yael @ Nosherium

Yippee! I love reading your thoughts and inspirations!


Wellcome back.
I have missed your blog.
Kind Regards


I always enjoyed your blog! I miss the golden days of blogging, but I still use mine to write about things I do, keep track of knitting and so on. I look forward to reading more here!

Lisa G.

I for one am glad to see this post, Jane! (can you recommend a good recipe for rock buns? This summer the theme for many public library programs is "Libraries Rock" (I hate it), and I've been planning to make them, but haven't yet. Anyway, welcome back to blogging. :)

Margaret Gibson

Welcome back.
Used to enjoy the 'railways' and 'travel




Wonderful news. I always loved your blog.


Holy cats, I'm delighted!


Delightful news!

Katie Lee

This made my day! I'm so glad I held out hope and left you in my blog reader every time I had a purge. Welcome back!

Elizabeth Rodriguiz

Welcome back. I’ve missed you.

Caroline Low

So thrilled to have you back in my feed, your vision of the world and the words you use are a delight. Looking forward to all the rock cakes

Helen Owen

Great to see you back Jane. Have missed you. Helen


Loved seeing mini posts on Instagram, but so happy to see the full blog up and running again! Your entries are a joy to read. Yes please to all of the things you’ve mentioned above! Can’t wait. 💐💙

Jean Birch-Leonard

hello jane, how nice to see you back in the blogging world.


How wonderful, your blog has been greatly missed


I so miss blogs that gave us a glimpse into someone else's life and interests, that let us nod along and say oh yes, I see/feel/hear that too or oh my what an interesting way to look at that. Blogs without the overwhelming advertising, constant sponsorship and impetus to buy buy buy.

And so I'm very happy to see you back. I hope the urge to blog holds on....


Welcome back!


Wonderful news!

susan hall

good to have you back


Very happy to see you here again.

Nic Willcocks

Welcome back. You have been sorely missed. Blogs have become a bit limp (some notable exceptions of course - ‘ dovegreyreader and did you make that never disappoint. Yours was the first blog I ever read and set the bar high. So pleased you have returned and I look forward to being inspired once more... hurrah!

Karen Baruth

So excited to see you back at it.


Welcome back! (May I add a "finally" and a huge sigh of relief?) I do hope you're right, and blogging will return to its hey days of fun and creativity and personal journeys. Can't wait to see what you're up to these days.


I am glad you are blogging again. I love the way you put colors together.

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