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July 27, 2018


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I've done the same kind of thing myself and I have come to love and enjoy every inch of my new home. Sometimes we go to look at our old house and have realized that no matter who lives there it will always be ours because we lived so much of our lives there. I'll admit that it does make me happy to see that the historically accurate wallpaper and colors that I loved so much are still being enjoyed by the new family 10 years later.


I am in the midst of a move from what I've called my heart house and one I've lived in for 15 years. The move is practical and many things will be easier once I'm living in the new house. But right now the I'm finding the anticipation of severing the attachment painful - seeing the moon rise over the mountains, the cool mornings in the garden, the long views over the fields... It's good to hear that you have no regrets. I'm hoping for the same.

Michele Jensen

Tom’s painting is glorious! What a treasure. You have raised an interesting topic regarding domesticity - I fully enjoyed raising a family, and quite suddenly, it was over. I don’t think enough is written about that change of chapters when a “new” life is thrust upon you. I realized this one day when my husband said, “ I don’t think you are missing our son Kurt, I think you are missing 13-year-old Kurt.” The new opportunities have been wonderful, but there was a bit of a bump in the road during the change from much-needed-mom to “Your job is done.” So glad to hear about your new chapter.


Dear Jane,
I was inspired by your many lovely quilts many years ago as I discovered your blog during my children early years. About 10 years ago, I started collecting Kaffe Fassets’ fabrics for my then 7 year old daughter. She will be starting college in the Fall and I have been stuck with how to quilt this quilt for her. I just remembered “yarnstorm” this morning and thought to check for some old posts for inspiration and was surprised and happy to”see” you are well and your family are well and grown up. Thank you for your writing, inspirations and now, I think handquilting is the way to go!

Lisa G.

What a wonderful artist he is! And as fond of color as his mother, I think.


Cambridge is lovely. A walk along the river is always a delight! Ah, I haven't lived there for 12 years....

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