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July 25, 2018


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Michele Jensen

I’ve just read “A Visual Life” by Charlotte Moss which is about scrapbooking as a diary of life events. I was surprised to learn how many designers use this technique to organize their thoughts and also simply preserve them. Charlotte Moss readily admitted that blogging was an electronic version of this worthy practice. It made me want to start a blog, after all these decades of being a blog reader. And - whenever I think of a blog which TRULY added value to my life - I think of yours. How lovely to find you here today. Thank you!

Harriet Andrews

Thank you for coming back and sharing those beautiful fabrics. More please!


So bold and brave to put those big prints together. It works brilliantly. I can imagine it brightening a February day. Glad to see you post on your blog. Your blog was one of the first I discovered all those years ago. I have missed it.


So lovely to learn more about this quilt. I saw a picture of the fabrics on your Instagram feed but had so many questions. Thanks for answering them in this blog piece. More of everything please xxxx


So glad you’re back with all the favourite topics. Your book The gentle art of domesticity was a retirement present many years ago

It’s still a good, regular read so thanks for returning to the fray

susan hall

you still make the most astonishing quilts :-}


I completely agree with all your reasons for wanting to write a blog - it’s liberating putting thoughts down unedited and unreferenced after book writing. And as a reader, I love blogs that are just being written for the writer’s own enjoyment - it comes across when it’s more sales/world domination based.

Your quilt is beautiful and I like your criteria for flower inclusion. Have you come across Abigail Borg? She only prints on upholstery weight (too sturdy for quilts really), but her designs have a beautiful feel of botanical illustrations.

Florence x


I’m so glad you’re back, and I will be very curious to see what you learn from returning to this medium after a hiatus and after a general downshift in what used to be known as the blogosphere. I, for one, will be reading.



Lisa G.

I do love Philip Jacobs' florals, and your quilt is fabulous - I have missed your blog, with it's bright flowers, quilts, stained glass, painted toenails and decorated cakes.


Thanks for the Jane Gardam recommendation. She is a favorite, especially The Old Filth Trilogy. I hadn't heard her on Desert Island Discs.


Oh, how spectacularly lovely! I love your criteria for choosing fabrics, and what a gorgeous, high-impact result.

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