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May 22, 2016


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Charlotte Keys

This makes me think of the lovely Fenway Victory Gardens in Boston, Massachusetts where I live. I think you'd love them!


There's aren't many photos here but Googling images will turn up some.


The natural settings you have shown here are delightful, especially when viewed for free; and I enjoyed following the links you posted to contrast them to the Chelsea Flower Show. Over the last few weeks I have been especially enjoying viewing Wisteria and Iris near me in the Portland, Oregon area. Even though we live miles apart the views you shared in this post make me think we live on common ground!


Love Bourges and its cathedral. I once visited it when a service was being held and the priest invited all the tourists wandering around to join the service , which was a communion, so we did and left feeling spiritually uplifted as well as culturally informed. I haven't visited the marais, though. I have a large wisteria in my garden which is in flower at the moment.


I can't imagine paying that much to attend a garden show! To enter something, maybe...?

Lisa G.

So charming! The second photo especially is such an appealing scene.


It is hard to believe (and justify?) those prices for Chelsea and I don't think it translates well to TV either. Thank you for the Robin Lane Fox link.


Cannot agree more about Chelsea! I don't even think the floral marquees are as interesting as they used to be, and it is so busy everywhere that it is so hard to see any of the gardens. I have never been to Bourges but it is now on my radar, thank you. The gardens and waterways look more interesting and charming than any stage-set garden at Chelsea. I do enjoy The Hampton Court show though, which is a jollier affair and less corporate (so far). Though even there the show gardens are the probably the least interesting thing to me - it's the plants and the colour which get me every time.

Deborah Taylor

Beautiful photos Jane. Love reading Robin Lane Fox. So wise.

Danette Bartelmay

I feel as though I could step right into these photos.
Truly serene and beautiful.


So glad I've found you! I am reading "the Gentle Art of Domesticity" again. I say again because I hate for it to end so I start over. I feel like I 've missed you since I hadn't read it since last November. It is my quiet and calm in a crazy world! Love the colors. I can't wait to get started in the archives- thank you!

Linda Pennell

Hi. Hope all is well with you. GAOD is very much missed. Any chance of your occasional photos of gour bookstack? Always full of inspiration. Very best wishes


Hi Jane,
I'm Jude, Lily's mum. I messaged you about 6 or 7 years ago about your small fan, Lily, carrying around copies of your books. She made your almond slice this week and it's delish! Just thought we'd let you know we're still fans! Lil is 13 tomorrow.
Hope you're well!

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