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March 7, 2016


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That might be the best version of this quilt block I've ever seen. I love the fabrics!!


Hello ~ I wonder if you are aware of this project - a possible 'where' for the quilts release - http://projectlinusuk.org.uk/


Would love to buy one ! or exchange for wine ;)


Well, I'm a big fan of your quilting books, giving them total credit for starting me on the quilting road. So, I would love to see another book...just in case you need some encouragement:).


I love the idea of knitting the centre squares! I hope you can find a home for your quilts. A box just doesn't seem right!


Might you choose a desired charity and raffle them off for its benefit? Such lovely quilts are great "bait"--I recently and dim-wittedly organized a small road race and raised nearly $1000 for heating funds, so I would imagine such artistry would raise much, much more!

The Shopping Sherpa

Do you have Women's Refuges in the UK? I think it would be a lovely thing to donate them there...

Beth in Maryland

Oh, wow!! I don't know who was responsible for the demise of that book (presumably not you), but FIE UPON THEM. If you want to crowd-source the publication costs for this project, I'm in.


I love the hand-knitted accent squares. Hope these find their way into the world, but however that happens, it's fun to know this beautiful quilt exists.

petit ange

I love this quilt....colours, fabrics, border....everything! Such a shame it's in a box, I'd have it on display, it's too nice to hide. 😊

Anna Marie

Jane. If you ever think about selling that quilt, I would be interested, it is gorgeous and would have pride of place. Best, Anna Marie

lucy in London


Get a dog ; then when the dog jumps on your lovely sofa, you will need to protect it with a lovely quilt. The quilts needs to be washed at some point and then you use another lovely quilt while the other one is drying.
Result- beautiful quilts being appreciated for their utilitarian and aesthetic qualities, happy dog, happy Jane!


How is it even possible that a quilting book from YOU could have fallen through?! Everyone I know (plus all the quilters I only 'know' through their blogs) mention your books and quilts as must-haves. Could you release them as an e-book?

Frau Kirschkernzeit

So great! And I would be thrilled to get one more quilting books of you, Jane!

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