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February 28, 2016


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Mary Lou

I've been blogging for almost ten years, just for the fun of it, so it is rather hit and miss. I've been a reader of yours for many of your blogging years. I love the images, I discover much I have never noticed, and learn about books and movies that might not have entered my field of vision. Thank you!


I love your blog and through it came to love your books and learned to knit hats for my daughters! Having just decorated our dining room in F&B's 'pink ground', I look at your kitchen colour and wish we'd been braver! Here's to many more years of blogging. xx

Lisa G.

I'm very sorry to hear that your lovely books aren't paying the bills!

Jane Brocket


Its very kind of you to say so, but Im earning virtually nothing from my books even though several have sold very well. I dont usually mention this sort of thing but it backs up what I am saying about not expecting to make a fortune out of blogging.

Thanks for your always interesting comments on stained glass.



Two things: first, congratulations on creating and sustaining a wonderful blog, always interesting and always life affirming; second, thank you for sharing your images, reflections and experiences with us! You make blogging a generous space.


It's been wonderful and inspirational reading your blog (s). I've seldom commented but I drop in regularly to see what you've been writing and have done since I bought "The Gentle Art of Domesticity" from a shop called Past Times which no longer exists in Dublin ( I wonder if it does elsewhere?) shortly after my third child was born (she's recently turned 8) and when I'd read the book, I wanted more and found your blog! It's a little addictive so I hope you don't ever stop!


I have certainly enjoyed your blog since I found it a few years ago. Please keep going!!
Also, I still re-read The Gentle Art of Domesticity every summer. It's become a good habit!


Thank you for blogging I love popping along to this space of yours to catch up on your pictures and words.


That is one gorgeous colour for a kitchen - I used to have a bedroom painted in a similar colour - delicious. I commend you on sticking with blogging for so long - it is always a joy to read your posts.

susan (hhb)

Congratulations on 11 years. Thankyou for an always interesting and inspiring blog.
Susan ( HHB that was)


I find your use of colour delights me and inspires. You are also a fine spinner of words - thanks.


You have been so generous, Jane. Every bunch of tulips and daffodils is a visual gift and your authentic, thoughtful voice always inspires. I love having your books on my kitchen shelf, but your blogs are what nudge me towards creativity.


You have been so generous, Jane. Every bunch of tulips and daffodils is a visual gift and your authentic, thoughtful voice always inspires. I love having your books on my kitchen shelf, but your blogs are what nudge me towards creativity.


I think I found you (through the Gentle Art of Domesticity) about 8 years ago not long after I found my first knitting blogs (Yarn Harlot!). Quite apart from the inspiration and information I found in your work, I also loved that you made it ok in a world that seems to think only black and neutrals are acceptable - I adore colour and revel in all your visuals.
Then of course there was a blog friendship and my own blog as a result of that, so yet more spreading of the word. And I still love to check in regularly to see beautiful images and read interesting information that leads me to other places... Thankyou, Jane! I hope you continue :)

Pat McDermott

Many thanks for many years (and projects, and books, and art, and flowers, and places) of inspiration. It's always a pleasure. Sometimes when my own creative juices don't seem to flow, a check here or in one of your books is just the little spur to my knitting mojo.

Wish you many years more of sharing your world and your sources of inspiration.

Amara Bray

Thank you so much for not quitting. Blogging doesn't seem to be as popular as it once was (except for the annoying commercial blogs), but it's still one of my favorite formats to relax into. My favorite blogs have always been ones where the author just shares stories about their life. Thanks again.


Hooray for 11 lovely years. Thank you for sharing your distinct voice and beautiful photos with the world.

Anne B-A

As Mrs Dashwood tells us ' know your own happiness'


What a wonderful, vibrant pink. Combined with the yellow daffodils, it is a delicious image. I am so glad you are still here, still blogging, and writing about what you see and think in your own very distinctive voice x


Absolutely Perfect Jane... I so agree with all you've said here. I have enjoyed your blog for a few years now and have purchased some of your books. My favorites are The Gentle Art of Domesticity and The Gentle Art of Knitting. I read them and enjoy the pictures over and over and over. Thank you for your contribution to LIFE.
A fellow blogger who does it purely for the enjoyment,


Without doubt the best blog I read. Realised recently that I have been reading for almost 10 years - found an old PC in the loft & looked at the history. Have enjoyed sharing Alice, Tom & Phoebe growing up. Loved the socks, the chocolate cakes with smarties, dolly mixtures et al. And the tulips - ohh the tulips & of course the quilts!
The Gentle Art of Domesticity was a late purchase for me but it gives me so much joy & reminds me of what is important in life. So many, many thanks Jane for all the sharing & for enriching my life. Jackie x

Teresa Maria

Congratulations for a job - or hobby - perfectly done! I've been blogging for a few years now and for all I know I only have a handful of readers but I am never abandoning the principles that should be the guidelines behind every blog: to publish your own content and to let your own voice out. Your blog is a lasting inspiration to all us nonconformists out here!


Thanks for the hard work on the blog over the years!
I have learned a lot and certainly enjoyed the photos.

Beth in Maryland

And I read your blog because I enjoy it! It always, always adds something good to my day. Thank you so much.

lucy in London

i have read and loved your blog for years. You always provide a wonderful balance of beautiful photos, interesting anecdotes and always always the warmth of your family life glows through to us the reader.
Your recipe for bread in " ...Domesticity" is still the best one around. Keep on keeping on Jane!

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