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February 5, 2016


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I love the look of Rye, and being a Mapp and Lucia fan would enjoy the location-hunting part of being there. Even when you mentioned the church tower, all I could see in my mind's eye was Mapp snooping on Lucia from the top of the tower during the Contessa's visit when Lucia feigns 'flu to avoid having to speak Italian. Oh dear, I really should get out more. x

hhb susan

Oh heavens! I was in Rye three times in January, in the rain each time! The Apothecary is indeed the place to go for buttered tea-cakes. You have mentioned a couple of shops that are new to me, so they will go on my list for visits the next time I am in the UK.
So, now I am sitting in Western Australia waiting for a day of 41 degrees to start and I am craving Rye in the rain!


Have never visited the shop but I am a big fan of Merchant and Mills patterns. I'm just making yet another version of the Trapeze dress but my absolute favourite make from their patterns is the Strand coat.



I love Rye and your post bought back some good memories. Can't believe I didn't know that Rumer Godden - one of my favourite writers - lived in Rye!

Victoria from London

Rye is stunning. I also loved Glass Etc, which is near Merchant and Mills. It's the friendliest place in the world to shop ("cup of tea anyone?") and discover 20th Century (and prior) glass, with a particular specialisation in Scandinavian glass. Run by the ever enthusiastic Andy McConnell (of Antiques Roadshow fame) and his wife Helen. http://decanterman.com/


Did you try Knoops for great hot chocolate? It's down by the Landgate. Also highly recommend The Ambrette and The Union Steakhouse.

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