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January 4, 2016


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Angie Vincent

Loved reading about your reading year. The books on suicide sound particularly interesting. I will look our for A Woman on the edge of time. Have a Happy and suitably bookish 2016.


Always on the look out for book recommendations, especially ones not often seen in reviews. Peter Davidson is a recent discovery of mine with his The Idea of North, so delighted to see a new one from him. Best wishes for new discoveries and simple pleasures in 2016.


So enjoyable to see two blog posts from you in relatively quick succession Jane . The paper stars are beautiful too. X


Interesting book selection, Jane. Although I mainly read novels, I'm really tempted by Weatherland. I'll give it a go if you recommend it.

Amara Bray

So, how do you manage the cold when stepping out of the pool? My daughters have swim team practice from 5-6 am, and although it's an indoor pool, they really complain about going to the car with wet hair in our Utah winter cold.
I should look into the books too, but I'm still disturbed about a close family suicide, and honestly I think I'm doing mostly surface, light reading to escape. Wow. That was a lot more personal than I meant to share. Sorry.

Jenny Oliver

Lovely post, and stars! I hadn't heard of Cambridge Imprint, what a discovery... Happy new year to you and yours, Jane. xx


I shall read the books relating to suicide Jane. After my son died 20 years ago I read what was out there on this subject but very little resonated with me. Much was clinical rather than personal. Maybe it was all too soon. And I must read Tom Courtney's book again & I had forgotten about Maigret - so atmospheric. So some books to revisit & some interesting suggestions to expand my reading in 2016.

Diane Baker

Thank you for this post and the link to Cambridge Imprint. What lovely things they sell. Having looked at the Star Garland Kit, I then checked out the 2 videos. Told my daughter about them as I thought my little granddaughter Grace aged 7 would be able to make them. Daughter duly sat and make a star from white paper last night and was really pleased with the result. She is going to get some pretty paper for Grace to have a go. I want to have a go too. Might also have a go at some of the other lovely origami shapes on You Tube. Look what you have started! Wonder how many other people have done the same just from your post so many thanks once again. I always learn something from your lovely posts.


Sigh...I may have to tackle one of the suicide books myself...we lost my niece back in 2004 when she was only 24 years old. It seems like yesterday almost.

On another note, are those origami stars hard to make? They are so beautiful! Where could I get the instructions?

Thank you so much,

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