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November 20, 2015


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Lisa G.

Hmm. May have crossed a bridge, metaphorically? :)

A whole shelf of Cary Grant books! Well!


Maybe rather than crossing a bridge from writing to not writing, you could be on a raft or boat merrily paddling down a river, writing about some things and not about others?


New York is somewhere I have always wanted to go, it seems sort of exciting in a scary kind of way. I could spend an entire weekend in the bookshop, which would defeat the object of going wouldn't it? The first picture intrigues me, what is that flower? The contrast between the blue and green is startling and beautiful. As for not writing, sometimes less is more.... and on that note....


Oh, I can so totally understand, but please KNOW that you have been missed!


Glad to see you back again!

Penny L

I wondered what you'd been up to! So glad it was something so enjoyable. Airbnb adventures do transform a holiday into an experience, don't they?

Linda Pennell

Very glad, as ever, to hear of your experiences. You have been missed. Guidebook to NY coming up?

Amara Bray

Sigh. But it's so NICE to have you back!

Deborah Taylor

I agree with the others Jane. You have been missed. So nice to hear what you've been up to recently.

Jenny Oliver

A lovely glimpse of you off doing your own thing. So evocative of my own short trip to NYC - been pining for it ever since. And I LOVE Catastrophe! And well done Tom... Hugs from Oxford!

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