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October 22, 2015


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Lisa G.

Congratulations to Alice! Beautiful abstract windows.


I just love your glass photos!!!


Goodness, those bus stops are amazing! Certainly make ours look drab.... do they also smell of wee I wonder? We have some pretty ones in my corner of Norfolk, the occasional thatched one too, but mainly all you see is the bus stop sign either standing alone or fixed to a lamp post. Also thinking about the planting of bulbs having taken advantage of a special offer at Sarah Raven, just so I could get the glorious garnet, amethyst and amber collection! And we 'discovered' Only Connect not long ago and are hooked now, enjoy my daily fix in the RT too. Great photos as ever.... Alice looks so happy, does her grin match yours I wonder?

Karen Parr

Congratulations to Alice, very well done! 😊

Just received your Preston book & finding it interesting reading. Looking forward to doing part of the tour next week.


Hugest congratulations to Alice!

I have some similar images on my blog somewhere, of my daughter outside Liverpool's Metropolitan cathedral after her MA graduation ceremony. Of course stained glass featured heavily in that day's images too.


Congratulations to Alice - it seems a long time ago since I first saw her in your Domesticity book and on your blog! Wow.

I hope you found some stained glass in Switzerland ;) Maybe Chagall's windows in the Fraumünster in Zurich if it was open, but I believe it's being renovated. Still, I imagine your eagle eye didn't disappoint…


What a beautiful daughter you have!

Nice windows too.


Great photo of Alice and congratulations to her!

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