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September 19, 2015


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Really just incredible work.
This is a bit out of left field, but you may be able to help me out. Do you know of any resources or information about Morris/Arts and Crafts and lace? Working on a little project, and I can find plenty of samples of embroidery and upholstery, but not so much for lace.

Lisa G.

Oh yes, the hair!

Vicki in Michigan

As I read the final paragraph -- "You wonder if anyone really knows for sure; it's a shame, and pretty frustrating, that the makers of stained glass are so quickly forgotten, especially if they don't sign their work." I thought -- "Eheu!" and of course you did, too, before I did. :-)

I am coming to think everyone should sign their work.

I suppose we should all have watermarks on our photos................ Not that I do, but I bet I should.


Some more beautiful photos of stained glass... are you going to collate them into a book?


I'm with Edwina on that thought.....! X


Gorgeous rich colours appropriate to the melodrama. Thank you for reminding me of 'Eheu!' I don't think I've thought of this for 40 years! Many other Latin expressions have flooded back in its wake.

Leanne Willars

Very beautiful - it looks a lot like the work of Irish artist Harry Clarke (whom I've commented on here before) - but it's too early for him - what do you think? http://www.harryclarke.net

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