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August 10, 2015


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I have driven past Sheffield many times on the M1 on the way to Huddersfield (which I think you would like by the way, though it is not on the same scale as Sheffield). Mainly what I notice from the elevated motorway is that Sheffield always has its own, often damp, weather that changes either side of the valley and also that whatever the weather the lights of the Meadowhall centre are always visible. I'm always relieved to be nearly through the traffic at that point so have never thought of leaving the motorway there, but now I'm thinking it would be worth the diversion next time.

Do the English Tourist board know about you? You are making what seem to be the most unlikely places into tourist destinations. I love it!


Well, how about that! :)

Jane, thank you for all the 'practical research' you undertake.

The Grindleford Station Cafe, Brilliant! :)

Eggs and bacon, awesome crunchy little chips, and pots of English tea.

Just what we will need after travelling 17,000ks and surviving 27 hours with only airline tucker for sustenance. (Melbourne to Manchester, train to Grindleford and then Shanks Pony to Padley). And now, thanks to your assiduous investigations we will be restored at the Grindleford Railway Cafe and in fine fettle for the wonderful celebrations of the "Wedding of the Decade" - Three Cheers for Rowan and Simon! :) maman

Lisa G.

That Visiting-the-sick window is extremely touching. I love seeing these windows you find!

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