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July 12, 2015


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Lisa G.

Yes, yes, yes! (although I do not belong to Instagram) Such a good thing to be mindful. I envy your hollyhocks a little. Half of mine a laying flat after some hard rain the other day, and the leaves always get chewed by bugs.


This is absolutely what I feel about Instagram and as usual you have said far better than I could.


I love your reading of Instagram -- as with the best of blogs, also decried regularly as a medium for navel-gazers or goods-touters, I see a celebration of the quotidian in Instagram that I find so enjoyable. Envy and FOMO are choices, in many ways, aren't they? Your choice to see Instagram as visual mindfulness is so much more enriching. Thanks! (and, not having realized earlier that you were on Instagram, I'm now Following you there, happily)

Vicki in Michigan

I had to go google fomo............ lol.............

As I read your post, I kept thinking "Just like blogging!" :-)

I am totally positive that some people have always been filled with fomo, greed, and envy of what others have that they don't have. That way lies madness, whatever the medium (including using one's eyes to look at the neighbors' flowers, or someone's new car).

So glad I don't need to emulate that behavior! I can look at blogs with interesting topics and excellent pics, and not have any idea what is going on in other parts of the online world (as my ignorance of 'fomo' would indicate).

I have not yet managed to try to ask my iphone to talk to itunes, which I think I have to do before I can sign up for instagram. (not to mention that having to develop one more screen name, and one more password is offputting.....)

I need to do it; there is much I am missing on instagram (including my own daughter's pics.....).

susan hall

i just like the pretty pictures !


I am a very-late comer to Instagram , having only set up my account 7 or 8 weeks ago. I love it . Instagram feels more cheerful, more intimate, more inspiring and much more colourful than FB. I choose to follow those who I am inspired by, not those I envy, envy not playing much of a part in my life. I dislike FB and only keep my account open because some kind souls follow my blog via it. You have written about it perfectly Jane. x

Cindy Mitlo

Thank you for such an open-minded, balanced and positive view of Instagram. Yes, you can focus on the lowest common denominator if you take but a cursory glance at Instagram (or any other social media) , or like you, you can find the small gems hidden among the chaff.


I agree with your approach to IG completely! And it's one of the reasons I follow you there as well. I love the little snapshots of goodness in small things (or grand landscapes by Chris Burkard or sheep farming with Benjamin Hole - a much less angry view of the life than the male author you mentioned). Maybe sometime you will share your favorite accounts to follow with us?

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