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June 14, 2015


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Every garden requires both types. Sadly, too few of us have a Simon . . My guy loves to wield pruning shears (and his love needs to be monitored --these are so much cruder a tool than secateurs!) and doesn't mind planting, but he's not particularly keen on those daily constant, ever-renewing tasks of the garden. And I lack your Simon's skills and diligence, although I do like to wield a pair of secateurs. Almost as good as you with the self-seeding, though. . .


Had to laugh. Sadly my DH and I are both members of the Jane and the Self-Seeders. We had some amazing combinations in our wildflower bed this year, though. And who knew the horsemint would spread so well? And who knew that Standing Cypress (ipomopsis rubra) only blooms every other year? Didn't even see it last year and this year wow. The thing is 5 or 6 feet tall! Now if only we could find a Simon to come by and clean things up once in a while.

Kristin Nicholas

Love those poppies Jane. I have never had much luck with them. But my peonies were gorgeous this year. Hope you are well. XO


I've always thought that S:t Vincent and the Grenadines would be a perfect band name!


We have the beautiful 'Gertrude Jekyll' roses growing in our garden too. Their perfume is heavenly isn't it?

Nell Ward

Ha ha! This made me laugh so much. I always thought myself a bit of a failure as a gardener until I discovered Edna Walling - now I take pleasure in the ramble and forget about all the stuff that needs doing! I am definitely the sort of gardener that could have lived a century ago, sweeping through the garden in a big straw hat and floral dress snipping favoured blooms at will.


Stunning photographs Jane. My husband's gardening contribution is the occasional vague remark 'Garedn's looking nice...'. X


Hi Jane, I love your rose photos (and I especially love the jug) - divine! I wanted to let you know that I finally finished my cushion from the workshop - I've included a link below for you to have a quick look! Thanks so much for your lovely lesson! Simone

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