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June 11, 2015


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What wonderful fabric. I have a cheese plant and a rubber plant in my classroom and several house plants at home. Spider plants allegedly clean the atmohere in rooms with computers in.....

Dorothy Connelly

Love the fabric. Being of a similar vintage, I remember when supermarkets and the DIY stores had a massive choice of indoor plants but this is no longer the case. I've always felt that something was missing in interior shots in magazines and books if there were no plants in them.

Lisa G.

How cute is that! But keep the rabbits away from the plants, please. :D

Susan Krzywicki

I bought aspidistras for the same reason!

And, remember fern bars from the 70s? Or was that just a California thing?


I've got tons, including 2 spiders. Am I behind or ahead of fashion? There is a TED talk on them here https://www.ted.com/talks/kamal_meattle_on_how_to_grow_your_own_fresh_air full of pseudoscience and hence a bit irritating, but it got people talking.

I think the problem is it's really hard to buy nice house plants, IKEA is one of the best sources, but it's always hit and miss what they will have and if they will have been mistreated so much before you buy them that they'll keel over within a day. Glad to hear Columbia Rd had plenty.

That's a beautiful quilt, it won't need watering and will never die whilst you're on holiday!


Farah Fawcett, Susan Dey, Aqua Manda, Nadia Comaneci, Melanie's Brand New Key, Chelsea Girl ... yes, I loved the seventies, too. Lovely quilt, particularly the cord pieces.


This all brought to mind my teenage bedroom and the new ORANGE carpet with coffee swirls which, yes, I chose. I thought it was fabulous until I visited a school-friend's house only to find she had the purple version which gave off a much more sultry, hippy vibe - very Ab Fab. Oh and I love spider plants…..


Houseplants? We have a thriving Swiss Cheese plant in the front room (wedding present, requested) and a cyclamen on the window sill. The back room has an assortment of potted plants on the dining table, though I would like another Spider plant. Then there's the Hippeastrum which lives on the kitchen windowsill, gets watered occasionally, and blooms each year.

It's not a proper home without plants.

BTW - like the quilt. Particularly the rabbit fabric.

susan hall

i have 8 orchids, "my girls", on the kitchen window sill ! but only two succulents elsewhere.
your new quilt is fab. i specially like the quilting and the way it's so neat . the crossover points are all perfect, mine tend to be a bit wonky.


The plants you mention are part of my childhood memories too. Have embraced the spider plant again, thanks to a friend who potted up the babies, her spider plant sprouted. Wonder where you get a cheese plant nowadays.


This made me smile. Even to remember the names 'smock top' and 'flares' makes me feel quite nostalgic. My cheesecloth smock top was bought in an exotic store that smelled of patchouli! In those days indoor plants were cheap and they marked an important difference from our parents' style of decor. Lovely quilt, the corduroy really works here, and I am glad that you chose to celebrate Watership Downs and not Jonathan Livingstone Seagull.


….and a friend embraced the Aqua Citra perfume thing until her boyfriend told her she smelt like a pancake

Hhb ( Susan)

I am now living in a new house that has so much light. The first thing I did after moving in was buy a house plant!

You might enjoy these posts about indoor plants


A lovely post as usual and the quilt is gorgeous.


Yes, yes and yes... quite a trip down memory lane (and to Nicola, I still own a "girl's beauty, boys etc book by Susan Dey ;o) and a fun post as well as a great quilt - love the bunnies!

I chose orange carpet for my room in a new place and was quite relieved that it went in the wrong room (giving my parents an orange study...) and when Ikea came to town I chose red, orange and yellow for my room, along with a "plant table" to have my own houseplants ;) My mum always had spider plants, rubber plants, cheese plants etc and in my own first little flat I kept all those and had a modicum of success with African violets, too. Today, I have a husband with a love of orchids, but he gave our youngest daughter an African violet which has ended up in my kitchen (re)blooming profusely, and my granddaughter asked her mum to buy me a little pot of ivy and a succulent decorated with ribbons a few months ago; these mixed pots have always been popular here in Switzerland as a hostess gift etc.
I also noticed the popularity of succulents on hipster blogs over the last couple of years ;o

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