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June 9, 2015


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I really love seeing what you are reading; I've added a couple of them to my list.

I firmly agree that people underestimate the power and joy of daily rhythm. Most just don't look hard enough.

Deborah Taylor

Lovely post Jane. Your easy lemon cake recipe is one I often return to when in need of some edible sunshine. Colour, patterns, textures, aromas, words and family. All very ordinary, everyday things but how diminished our lives would be without them. Thank you for a lovely, thought-provoking post .


Couldn't agree more! There is so much to get from the seemingly ordinary - life's little pleasures. Love the lemon cake - I use that as my go-to recipe. A lovely post, although tinged with a little sadness maybe...

Lisa G.

Oh, the apricots of those roses! And with the pinks. And the hot pink and lime quilt top - it looks perfectly cooling and refreshing to me - beautiful!

Julie Roberts

How (w)right you are,the values of The Gentle Art of Domesticity are so important!I was at your recent lecture in Preston and found listening to you to be a life enhancing experience.


This is a very not ordinary post celebrating the ordinary. I will reread The Gentle Art of Domesticity again. The seasonal changes, actually the seasons themselves, unexpected juxtapositions and surprising colours, things that don't cost money, these and more, all give time to stop and enjoy. A bout of health glitches over the last year has made me even more appreciative of the pleasure of what might seem ordinary. Thanks for putting this into words. Do you know Wenders' Wings of Desire? In this the angels long for the banal over the extraordinary. Although being Wenders they are a bit more mopey and wallowing in the yearning.


Thanks for the reminder! We are two weeks away from summer holidays with my 4 children home for two months. I need the reminder to enjoy the ordinary with them, and not really worry about much else. My copy of the Gentle Art of Domesticity is in regular rotation around here, especially in winter when I need colour, wit and whimsy.


I like the phrase "you apparently stay the same" in relation to your children growing up, moving out, getting on with their own lives. Those of us whose children are grown have opportunities for our own growth and moving on experiences, whatever form they may take.

Jan Schallert

Beautiful thoughts, Jane, and beautifully said. The Gentle Art of Domesticity is one of my favorite books.


Yes, I'm still trying to find my rhythm now my girls have left for university. It is hard even though we know they must move on.

I'm always interested in your reading choices. I loved All My Puny Sorrows.


I too was at your talk in Preston and thoroughly enjoyed it, I have gathered the material together for my first quilt, just need to start cutting now!
The Gentle Art of Domesticity is also a favourite of mine.
My children are about 10years older than yours and we are expecting our first grandchild in July, so the wheel just keeps turning.
Thank you for your inspirational posts.


Lovely writing as ever Jane and I totally agree with your thoughts on 'guilt free' cakes etc. I don't feel guilty eating a slice of home-made cake, and am mildly bemused by the fashion for cakes made from turnips and ground twigs etc. Another example of the peculiar relationship we have with food in the developed world. X

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