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June 18, 2015


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Although I generally avoid too much nationalist sentiment, Toews made me proud to claim a shared Canadian citizenship. Isn't this book stunning? Almost literally? Her "Complicated Kindness" is marked by a somewhat similar movement between bleak and darkly hilarious and astonishingly spot-on observation, although the teenage protagonist's voice obviously explores and narrates much different terrain than the sister in AMPS


Thanks for this post. Whether I get to read those books or not, it always good to be remninded about the things we have to be thankful for, the little things that keep us going, finding joy in the everyday. Now going to (try and) find joy in cooking yet another dinner. I will.

Amara Bray

I'm going to save that last paragraph. Wonderful. I have important reasons to stay alive, but day to day, the reason I love life are the small wonderful things around me. Thanks for reminding me.

Bev S.

I'm interested in the books because of my volunteer work of being called in by my local police department for families who have found a family member who has just committed suicide. It is a very, very sad time and I appreciate you giving other resources to offer.


The small joys, images, unexpected details, and ordinary comforts are those things that 'quicken the heart.' Quickening means to bring it to life. The quote is from Chris Marker's film Sunless and it refers to the list of the Empress Shonagon (spelling?). This post made me think of Joan Didion's wonderfully measured The Year of Magical Thinking.

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