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June 2, 2015


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Bloomsbury is a lovely place. You may have these on your list, but how about the UCL museums - Petrie (Egypt), Grant Museum of Zoology (animals in jars and skeletons, in one of UCL's former libraries), Dickens House, Corams Fields, the Foundling Museum, the lovely squares, lovely food at the Mary Ward Centre. Spent many years living there and still visit, it is very walkable.


My favourite part of London. I look forward to your guide.


I used to work in Bloomsbury, a lovely place to work. Don't forget to have a look at the London Welsh Centre, the arts and cultural for the London Welsh community. The London Welsh and the Centre have a fascinating history. There was a lot of Welsh dairies in the area, 100's in central London. Some of the dairies actually kept cows on their premises in cowsheds in central London, milked them and sold the milk in their shops and had a milk round. The last of the cow keepers closed in the 1950's. If you look carefully you can still the buildings where they kept the cows. Hotels and department stores were another Welsh enterprise, there also still a number of Welsh owned hotels in Bloomsbury. The Penn Club in Bedford Place is an interesting place as well.

Penny Cross

Please do a major focus on The Foundling Museum and its tokens. If you've had or lost children (four in my case) - visitors cannot fail to be moved by the tragedy of mothers who've lost children n a variety of circumstances from the early 18th century. Additionally, the true maltruism of the original Foundling Hospital's benefactors is astonishing. One must also sadly acknowledge the charity's ongoing, current relevance for contemporary children still in need of its help. Musically, there's a quiet, contemplative and hugely comfortable refuge on the top floor to listen to Handel - how amazing in central London - and, lastly, a wonderful cafe. Outside: look out for Tracy Emin's contribution to the ethos of the Foundling Hospital.

Then, also in Bloomsbury, you will - naturalily - cover Persephone Books!

I have all your ebooks, Jane, as well as most of your printed books. I've been following you for about 5 years.

Penny Cross

Sorry about typos, Jane. I thought I'd be able to review comments first. 😢


The peony buds look like Scottish boilings (sweeties), lovely photos, looking forward to another Brocket in my pocket


So looking forward for this. Have all your books too. Bloomsbury was a very special area in my life.
Thank you.

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