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May 12, 2015


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Lisa G.

Congratulations! But you kind of lost me with the "parched peas".

Deborah Taylor

Congratulations Jane,

I saw the Shoreditch book in Persephone on Saturday and it looked lovely. Lots of great text and photos - just what I'd expect from you. Definitely on my wish list. Good luck x


So glad that your books have made it into print. How exciting! X

Jenny Lee

Fantastic achievement! Well done! I love Shoreditch and Chichester although I've yet to visit with 'A Brocket in my Pocket'. If you ever fancy doing Leek (Staffordshire), let me know and I'll be happy to be your guide.


Couldn't agree more with your comments about new challenges in a post-student home. Waiting for my guides to arrive in the post. Visiting London with my sister in June so we are going to explore using the guide. Preston will be a treat saved for later (and a short train ride!).So pleased that the books have made it into print.


Congratulations. Inspiring to read about your kids-left-home challenge and am also inspired that you've done it, finished & published. I'm now trying to be disciplined to finish my research, finish writing up. Finishing is not my strong point. Good luck with the selling.


So exciting !!! Hurrah for scary, new, wild challenges !!

Biba Dow

I've been meaning to recommend the stained glass in St Mary Magdalene's, rowington close, paddington to you. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, but plan ahead as it's not often open.

Anita T.

Brava. I thoroughly enjoy your writing and pictures and thank you for sharing these on your blog.

Amy B

Congratulations! I long to follow all of your guides . . . will have to wait a bit.

Kristin Nicholas

Congratulations Jane! What an accomplishment. Well said too! Julia is here for 2 more years and then for Plan B as they say. XO Kristin

Steph VW

Jane, you're an inspiration to this 40-something suffering a mid-life (pre-mid life?) crisis. My kids are 6 & 2, but I'm feeling the need to embrace a challenge of some sort. I'm considering ways to change my life, and thereby my husband's and my kids' lives as well.

The books are beautiful. I hope to someday have need of them.

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