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April 1, 2015


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Oh, thank you for reminding me about this pub! There's another Sam Smith's with notable windows just off Oxford Street, The Champion, which has windows dedicated to portraits of famous cricketers (all pre-war, I think).


According to this website: http://www.pubs.com/listing/champion-wells-street-fitzrovia-london-w1t-3pa/ The Champion was renovated in the 80s when the stained glass was created by Anne Sotheran. She is still working and her website is http://www.annsotheran.co.uk. Her work contains lots of botanical images so maybe she made the beautiful windows at The Angel in the Fields? It would seem likely as both pubs belong to the same brewery.

I'm really enjoying the stained glass discoveries, and now I want to go to both pubs!


You have reminded me of some great old pubs in Edinburgh, I can feel memories tickling the far reaches of my brain, of meeting friends on a summer day 30 years ago, with the sun streaming in through stained glass, and the open door showing a bright rectangle on the floor. Your stained glass posts are so enjoyable Jane, really enjoying this theme X


So pretty and charming and love that it's a pub.
You might have already seen them so apologies if I missed that post but the stained glass windows at 2 Temple Place are beautiful and the current exhibition good as well.


Gosh, wouldn't you want some of this in your home? I had my mom make me a simple pattern of branches (brown) with leaves (green) with clear glass for 3 windows on the west side of my kitchen. We set panels into frames for louvered windows. My mom even tucked a small nesting hummingbird in one spot...not very obvious so it is a surprise when you find it. Best thing we did for our kitchen.
I wish I had seen the examples from this pub. They would have been nice too. I'm not changing my windows though and if I ever sell the house, the glass comes out and goes with me!

Lisa G.

Very charming.


These are absolutely beautiful!

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