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April 7, 2015


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These are fabulous. I'm going to look out for 'younger' men in stained glass from now on. The best bit are all the different hair styles, full heads of hair. You're right, we do expect balding monks.

Suzy O'Brien

Have you seen the extraordinary stained glass windows designed by Marc Chagall at All Saints Church, Tudeley (nr Tonbridge, Kent)??
Also, made your donation cake, and it was fab. Thank you so much!!

Lisa G.

Yes, the red cross knight definitely has a modern look about him. But the first one has a pre-Raphaelite face. It reminds me of a church window in Hartford, CT - I went with a friend to see - hear? - a reading of "It's a Wonderful Life" at this historic church at Christmas, and the windows, the faces! The face on the nearest window to us had that famous face that Edward Burne-Jones so often used (it was a woman model, I think). And doesn't the kneeling fellow in blue have a look of the silent movies about him? I think it's the eye shadow.

The differences in these are so interesting.


One of those guys looks like Laurence Olivier! What's he doing in a church window, I wonder!

Ann M

I love the way you've extended the stained glass theme Jane. I thought this would have been a great post for St George's Day.

I did wonder (and can only hazard a guess) why you'd taken down your Easter Monday post. I found it very moving. I loved the kaleidoscope window and the egg photograph. I hadn't even realised Ypres was renamed Leper and it reminded me of the long made but as yet unexecuted plan to visit those battlefields.

I am now wondering about stained glass in swimming pools - the medium lends itself beautifully to reproducing waves I think!

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