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March 5, 2015


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They are all so beautiful. They show so well with such a bleak background of late winter mud.


Thank you for the flowers. It is snowing again in Boston. With over 8 feet of snow in the past 6 weeks it is very hard to believe that the flowers will ever bloom.


Oh my! Those Iris are exquisite, such detail and colours.

I miss the humble crocus, I don't think it would grow here in Australia! I remember making tissue paper crocuses at infant school ( over 50 years ago!)for Easter gifts.

Thankyou for the images and info.

karen Riley

I know crocus corner ! Always beautiful and a highlight of the walk to school with my children for many years. Also thank you for shining a light on the fantastic windows in the cathedral. I went to see them specially this week and they look wonderful as does the whole building since the re opening.


Such cheerful flowers - I am always amazed at the richness enclosed in those little bulbs. Your springtime looks so green and lush, Western Australia is still slogging through the tough end of a very hot summer. By March everyone has had enough and looks forward to a very good downpour which will hopefully be in late April or so. Very little gardening gets done by me just enough watering to keep everything alive and then before you know it the welcoming cooler weather comes.

Felicity Bevan

I wonder if it is the same Crocus Corner I know in a Stockport suburb? Yes, still wonderful each spring although I notice it is now enclosed by the low fence. I always did wonder how the delicate flowers survived the daily trampling of school children - but they have indeed survived and thrived.


I love your photographs of crocuses. I am thinking of buying some (i.e lots of) bulbs for planting in autumn, so that the tired looking grass is swathed in colour next spring.I find it so heartening.

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