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March 2, 2015


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Oh my goodness, that is absolutely beautiful. I always admire stained glass, enjoy it, like it. But never fall in love with it! looking at yours I'm smitten! You must be thrilled with it!

Vicki in Michigan

Gorgeous! What fun!


At first glance i thought this was a quilt. I love stained glass and always have, this glass quilt is lush - where are you going to hang it?


The work you have produced is beautiful. I'm taking the title 'nothing pointlessly complicated' away with me, to apply to all sorts of stuff. Firstly dinner tonight and then hopefully my studies. Trying very hard to make a thesis make sense. Thanks for the quote.


Wow, that's beautiful.
My mom used to do stained glass. Your hard work on this project has certainly paid off.
(and thanks to your photos I've been really noticing all the stained glass I see on a daily basis!)


That's brilliant - you must be delighted. As Katharine, I'm noting "nothing pointlessly complicated".

Anne B-A

This is a beautiful piece of work Jane. I love craftsmanship. No matter where we are on the intellectual or academic curve, there is something deeply grounding and satisfying and uniting in the 'making'. I think the mental health of the nation would be considerably better if we all slowed down and did more making.

Lydia Sage

Gosh, your panel is just beautiful… it sounds as though you really had a great time choosing colours, arranging patterns and shapes. Were your fingers sore from cutting the glass?


Your work is gorgeous!! How big is this piece? I hope you have a special place/use for it.

Lisa G.

I'm assuming you have a plan for this pretty and interesting design.

Kristin Nicholas

lovely Jane.

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