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March 11, 2015


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Miranda | Miranda's Notebook

You're so right 'provincial' has such different connotations in France. I would love to visit Lille, and this post makes me want to go even more. What a curious cathedral! What a contrast the inside is to the out.


I love Lille and am so jealous that some of my students are off to spend a term there shortly.
I would say that there are similiar negative ideas associated with the word province in French. If you move to Paris from Lille, you are still said to be monter a Paris even though you are going south, suggesting that this move means you are going up in the world, heading for better things.
Must explore the cathedral move on my next visit.


Really enjoyed the post--thanks!


The cathedral really does look industrial. You wouldn't expect those windows. I've never been to Lille but did go to Vimy Ridge, the canadian WW1 battle site. We took the kids too. It was amazing. Apart from the stories, the memorial at Vimy Ridge is so high, so white and so beautiful. We saw it on the 'bluest skies' day. I have blogged about it if you'd like to check it out usung the sidebar on my homepage.


I was with an art loving, food loving friend on the weekend and she mentioned Lille for both those things especially the art gallery. Love little coincidences and confirmations like this!


Another one for the list...!
Since I discovered that Nancy is "the" art nouveau town, I really want to go there, too.

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