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March 23, 2015


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The bread (and the tablecloth!) look lovely. And your asterisks made me laugh :)

Vicki in Michigan

Nothing beats home-made bread right out of the oven. It's always good. And sometimes it's even better. Good for you for persevering, and hooray for results that meet your expectations!

And -- I can draw my own conclusions, too, and I conclude that I love your sense of humor. :-)


Congratulations! I still haven't got it yet. I did an evening course at college with the hope that I would and, although it was discussed, we didn't make any. I've read lots of books becoming more confused with each until I found one with slightly simpler instructions, left my creation in the fridge for some time and ended up with a lovely blue, furry bloom on top and binned it. Unfortunately Bristol's just a little far to travel.


Funny how that worked out. Glad you made a loaf you are proud of. It looks delicious from here. That course sounds perfect!

Jo Orr

I have had similar trouble in finding out how to successfully make sourdough- it's been such a frustrating business, made unnecessarily complicated and yes, the starter treated as though I was creating a precious baby in the kitchen that had to be tended to without fail lest it perish! Tbh I just gave up on the whole business- thinking the whole time- "does it really need to be this hard?" I'm therefore delighted to read that you have found a solution! Hurrah! Loaf looks fab! Thanks for being our Ariadne finding her way through the labyrinth of sourdough-making!!!


I am reading your post and nodding and smiling. I, too, was completely confused by the sourdough process. Books made it seem unnecessarily complicated. Then I went on a sourdough course with Vanessa Kimbell in Northamptonshire who made it so uncomplicated, so unfussy, that I can now make it easily. There is nothing better than sourdough with lashings of butter and homemade damson jam.


Congratulations, Jane.

I sometimes wonder why men write cookery books, considering the average man's willingness to consult a manual. Maybe the books are bought by women. Maybe, based on your experience, we'd be better off buying books written by women?


Congratulations! Your bread is beautiful! As a sourdough lover (and a woman), I find this post delightful. :)

Lisa G.

Now this is a subject which fascinates me - bread making! But I haven't done the sourdough yet. I tried it once and it didn't go anywhere, but it was a hot summer, so that was probably a bad time to try. I have been enjoying making different kinds of bread lately though, and am trying to learn about tweaking recipes.


I had a breakthrough in sourdough last summer after a lot of very successful baking, some of it yeast-raised, and a DISASTROUS sourdough attempt a few years ago (my sons claim our local squirrels are still toothless after all the brick loaves I threw into the woods). King Arthur Flour has a blog with a step-by-step that has been super easy to follow, and I *think* the two keys have been unchlorinated water and warmth for the starter. What a pleasure to make and eat!


It looks lovely. I also make sourdough bread . My recipes come from the E5 Bakehouse (Hackney) .their bread is very good. I also went recently to their advanced bread course, very well explained and easy to follow.
I strongly recommend the E5bakehouse. Their pizzas on Sunday are also very good.

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