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March 25, 2015


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I want to thank you for all the wonderful posts. Full of movies to see, books to read and photo tours of England that I will (probably) never get to take in person. I've found your stained glass photos amazing, it seems I never see anything the but the usual saints on windows in my area, perhaps I haven't been looking closely enough. Every year I look forward to tulip and other spring flower pictures since you get spring several weeks before we do when I am most desperate for some color. Your own books are wonderful, Gentle art of Domesticity and Cherry Cakes and Ginger Beer being my personal favorites and Clever Concepts being wonderful additions to the library where I work.


Have so enjoyed your writing, photos and passions and am so pleased you continue to blog and delight! May the rock cake bake grow ever more in number!

Anne Gregory

Thanks so much for being curious and willing to take the time to share with us all! We are out here,around the world, and really enjoy your positive voice.


Yes, thanks for keeping it up and sharing so much of your life and work with us. Happy Anniversary!


It always amazes me how bloggers & readers find each other. I am so pleased to have found you many years ago & to follow your interests and seasons (from the opposite end of the globe). It is a pleasure to be able to pop in and get a glimpse of your life, landscapes & pleasures. Thank you so much.


Great to have you back and blogging. I've missed your photos, book recommendations (especially the books), flowers and trips here and there. Thanks so much for adding so much to my life in a little town in Maine.

Beth in Maryland

Who but you would know that a photo of Cary Grant absolutely belongs next to a lovely Winifred Nicholson painting? This knack of yours is only one reason I love your blog so much. You've opened my eyes to so many things I would never have experienced otherwise. Thanks for sticking with it!


Thank you Jane for all those years. I still love your blog 7 years on from when I found it! I hope you had a glass of something to celebrate!

Norma Keyte

i have loved your blog forever,it was one of the first ones i started reading.....i do hope you find the time and energy to continue with all the fabulous things you create,it will always be a great read for me........


I've been reading you for quite a few years now and have enjoyed every post! I absolutely agree with what you say about the community of bloggers in those earlier years, the changes that have ensued with encroaching commercialisation, but also the possibilities left in the medium yet. Congratulations on your ten years! I do hope there's at least another decade here . . .


I found your blog a number of years ago completely by accident. I was on vacation in Vancouver and came across your book The Gentle Art of Domesticity. This of course led me to your blog. Your posts are such a wonderful shot of colour into my days and I am very happy that you continue to post. I also have to thank you for your inspirational quilts. Thanks to you, I'm on the list for my local quilt shop's next session of beginner quilting. I plan on taking your books for inspiration when I go to pick out my fabrics.


Jane - I want to add my heartfelt thanks for your 10 years (10 years!!!) blogging. Without exaggeration I can say that finding your book the Gentle Art of Domesticity changed all sorts of things for me. It brought me to your lovely blog, and through that to so many others. In turn that took me to reading about other womes lives in the US, Australia, Canada, and of course here in the UK. I came on your quilting course and regained my confidence in crafting, rediscovered old skills and learnt new ones. And now I have dipped my toe in and am writing my own blog.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! If I knew you in the real world I would pop by with some flowers and and a cake. But they will have to be virtual ones.


your writing is beautiful and inviting Jane and I congratulate you on 10 years. I can't believe you have had anything bad from blogging what issue could any one take from your wonderful words and images. Nevertheless - keep up the inspiration!

Mary Lou

Happy Anniversary! I stick with the blogs such as yours that are not all about selling ads and 'monetizing' , thanks for sharing it all with us.


Where would we be without Cary Grant and rock cakes? Congratulations on your ten years Jane. Here's to the next ten (or more).

Deborah Taylor

Happy Anniversay Jane. Thank you for ten years of joy and inspiration. Good luck for the future xx


Congrats on 10 years! I'm very glad that you're still blogging. I've been reading you for several years and still look forward to every new post.


Congrats on 10 years! I've been enjoying your blog almost since the beginning - I think I found you a few months in - and still enjoying.

Kathleen Bourne

Jane, I add my voice to the others who are congratulating your blogging efforts. I have been reading your blog for the past who-knows-how-many years. Through some very trying times, your blog has sustained me with pictures of beauty, colour, paintings, stained glass, and food, and words about the joys one may find in life. Thank you.


Thank you for all the years of interesting and thought provoking posts!!

Jenny O

Hurrah for 10 years, and sourdough success (mine have gone back to being pancake-flat after months of no practice) and Cary Grant! Thank you Jane for these (often very serious) reasons to be cheerful.

Sarah Shulman

Thank you for ten years of blogging. I appreciate the effort it takes to keep going, though you make it seem effortless. My sister the knitter introduced me, the quilter, to your blog over 8 years ago. It was my first blog, and I read through from the beginning like a novel! Through you I found so many other wonderful bloggers, many mentioned above, and that inspired me to really pursue my passion for quilting. Today I'm president of our modern quilt guild, which I found through blogs, and I've developed new and lasting friendships with like minded women. So thank you again for starting me down a most enjoyable path!


Jane, your blog is a life line to me here in rural Burgundy. Your wit, your eye, your sense of critique and your love of interesting, delightful things - flowers, art, quilting, food, WINE, your children, books......long list......keep me company and make me want to jump on the train to come and see you to drink tea, eat cake, drink wine, eat anything together in fact ! Thank you. Bravo, bravo.


Thank you for keep writing! I really appreciate your words and photos, they are very inspirational. Yes, I always feel like doing something myself after reading a good blog. Happy (belated) anniversary!


Thankyou for this post, it has been good to read 'about blogging'. I have been following you for couple of years. Yours along with a couple of others encouraged me to start. I'm relatively new, been just over a year. Interesting what you say about 'blind faith'. Not knowing your readers is quite strange & can at times be discouraging. Are there any? So sometimes it feels like blind faith. When I've questionned myself about why I do this, it always comes back to the 'new post' button. I love writing them. Plus I love museums, which helps. Like you, I have decided that above everything, I am going to always be kind (though not naive). Why be anything else? Now trying to get good at writing.

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