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February 25, 2015


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Anne B-A

Lovely post Jane, on a bright grey morning here in Edinburgh. India Knight says of grey - why? it is the colour of pigeons and fog. I have never forgotten that either! But it is definitely true that grey gives colour its vibrancy. Do I sense another book coming along?


I love colour, but I really enjoy grey as a background, so I'm with Kaffe on that one! These stained glass windows are I think my favourites of all those you have shown us so far. Some of the details on the others have been fascinating and beautiful, but these as whole windows are marvellous. Really rather moving. Thank you Jane for (as ever) opening my eyes to an aspect of the world I had not fully considered before X


Loved this - I call my greying hair my silver linings coming out and have had a bit of a struggle, wardrobe-wise and now using grey as a basic neutral to put all my colour against, so Kaffe makes me feel I'm doing something right lol!!
(Even my knitting has gone grey - I found I was rarely wearing the bright colours that I went for in the wool shop…! Perhaps with the exception of socks!)


Beautiful! I'm partial to grey with pink, it's one of my favorite color combinations.


I gasped when the photo of the Fire window loaded -- it's absolutely stunning.


Dear Jane,

now I try it with a comment, I emailed a few times, but I think, you didn´t receive my mails.This is what I mailed:

Dear Jane
I want to thank you so much for the book, I love love love !

(The gentle art of quilt-making in german).

I really take the book with me everey day. Only the cover is so beautiful. It lies comfortably in the hand…. and those wunderful quilts ….. hachz…. those colorexplosions, great ideas, inspirations. The one I love the most is “Hortensien”.

The composition of colours, fabrics are so fantastic. I fall in love with it.

Thank you very very much !

Please send me your postal adress. I want to send you a little present, to express my enthusiasm and thankfulness.


Diane Baker

Dear Jane

You said the other day that you are looking for stain glass windows about women. There are 2 beautiful windows in Blofield Church in Norfolk dedicated to Margaret Harker - a remarkable woman. To see look at www.blofieldchurch.org.uk Thank you for your blog - you have made me look at art and stain glass in a whole new light.


I love grey...especially coupled with brighter colours. Thank you for sharing those beautiful stained glass windows also...the last one is so atmospheric. I'm inspired to look more and maybe make my own one day.


Is it not the quiet and overlooked that brings greater beauty to the whole? Such is surely the case for grey. I am rather quixotic about this colour as many new houses up in Perth seem to be predominantly grey which struggles to work with the endlessly blue cloudless skies that we have here. However, grey is such a foil for patterns and designs you are so right and I agree with Kaffe on that one. The quietness of the British landscape and climate really does allow the treasures within to triumph.

I wonder if you have seen the work of Thomas Denny at Hereford Cathedral - it is an awesome example of the very same and just makes you sit and gaze in wonder.

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