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January 7, 2015


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Lisa G.

I suppose those daisy-like flowers signify something; they're even on her wonderful sleeves!

Miranda | Miranda's Notebook

The glass is lovely! I've never been to Coventry - would love to go some time! I'll definitely pop in to Holy Trinity when I do :)


Coventry is my hometown, thanks for showing that it has things worth looking for besides the cathedral once you get inside the horribly unfriendly ring road. Sadly the many wooden framed medieval buildings that existed before the war burned easily and most were lost.
We always blamed the town planners almost as much as the war for the destruction of the centre, but it must be said they had an extremely difficult job after the blitz. The city centre was so completely destroyed no-one could even tell what the actual ground level was, hence the fragments of its history that remain. I remember a special stone in the centre that marked a level from which they could proceed to rebuild though I don't know if it is still there, as I have moved away now. Indeed much of what I remember there as a child has since been removed to make way for the expansion of the ring road so the destruction continues.


Wow that glass is so beautifully detailed


As a child it was a great treat for us to take the 517 bus from Kenilworth to Coventry with my Grandma and amongst other things wait for Lady Godiva to appear from the clock in the city centre. like Sally I have moved away, but was very excited to visit the city when our son visited Warwick University. I shall return with your guide Jane.

Verna G

I have very fond memories of visiting Coventry Cathedral about 20 years ago. In the old bombed out building was a man feeding birds. I sat and talked with him and he told me that he remembered the night the cathedral was bombed and had watched the bombs come down and set it on fire. I loved the new cathedral but the old part held the memories. I have just discovered your blog and I am currently reading your book " The Gentle Art Of Domesticity". It was recommended by a lady in Australia. I live in western Canada. It is a small world!


Hi Jane, Went to Coventry last week and as I drove past Courtaulds - shock of shock - they're knocking it down. It's been derelict for ages I know but it's a landmark which I will miss (if no-else!).

Also, have you ever been to Tudely in Sussex (or is it Kent). Unusual and lovely stained glass by Chagall.

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