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January 8, 2015


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Beautiful! Really loving all the images of stained glass. If you happen to be in NYC, I would like to suggest you visit Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow. There's a church--built by the Rockefellers--that has Matisse and Chagall windows. Union Church of Pocantico Hills. Lot's of places to visit up there besides that, too! Take care, Jen


This is exciting! I am really looking forward to going back to Coventry with your guide to see it afresh through your eyes. I have always loved the cathedrals, old and new, and the historic buildings that still exist around them.
When I was at school children in the city (well, our parents probably) all contributed sixpence (pre-decimal then) to the cost of the baptistry window, and it was known as the schools window for a while. It was a clever idea, it felt like it really belonged to us.

Martina Tierney

So glad you're continuing with your blogging life Jane, here's to another 10 years! I went to university in Coventry, and remember standing in Coventry Cathedral listening to Tangerine Dream play... surreal! Happy new year. Martina Tierney


I come from Kenilworth and have spent most of my adult life defending Coventry Cathedral. I too listened to Tangerine Dream there ! and also Billy Graham. That was the night I was certain that I was an atheist. It's a moving and beautiful place, Coventry Cathedral, and I can't wait for your guide Jane, so that I can return to Cov with new eyes !

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