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December 8, 2014


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Vicki in Michigan

I love Dorothy Sayers.........

I never knew what an angel roof was, though. Thank you. :-)

Miranda | Miranda's Notebook

Oh how fascinating this is what inspired the church in Nine Tailors! That's one of my very favourite Sayers. Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures!

Susan Krzywicki

This, at first glance, looked Thai to me. Then, reading that Dorothy Sayers was inspired by it, I was stumped. Not my Californian's vision of an English church.

I think I'll have to pull the novel out and re-read it, with the color turned on. Usually I read English novels with a gray note in mind. BTW, the book, "What we see when we Read" is a wild foray into how we imagine what we are reading, and is amazing, even though it was written by one of us Americans.

Angela Haigh

Do you know of the "topless" angels at the church in Muchelney on the Somerset Levels?

Beth in Maryland

Honestly, my heart is full of gratitude for these posts of yours! How wonderful.

Beth on the Blackdowns

Living very near to Taunton, I will go angel spotting in St Mary's and call into the library for a copy of Simon Jenkins' book and the Nine Tailors to complete the angelic theme. I might even get to St Cuthbert's too, and squelch across the Levels to seek out Angela's "topless" angels in Muchelney. How intriguing! Thanks, Jane.

Beth on the Blackdowns

I went and gazed skyward at the nave roof in St Mary' s and all that black and gold is breathtaking!

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