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December 10, 2014


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Thank you! I think we'll be having these for tea this afternoon...


I lived in Swansea for a year in college and I have the best memories of fresh welsh cakes in a paper sack from the market. At the time I didn't like raisins in my baked goods but there's something about currants that won me over to welsh cakes. I will have to give these a try-- thank you!


There is a reference to Welsh cakes in Under Milk Wood, Mr Waldo dreams of his mam making them in the snow.


My Mum always made welsh cakes - her parents were Welsh. The welsh cakes were delicious. In fact the only other welsh cakes I've come across which come anywhere near hers were sold by a little shop in an arcade opposite Cardiff Castle.

The welsh cakes sold in the cafe of a supermarket near Pembroke Dock were disgusting! So much for supermarkets!


The Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer book is really lovely, but I'd get in line for another such book for adults such as you describe. :-D


This sounds like a quick, fun afternoon snack (or weekend breakfast)


I'm loving all your talk of dusk.....please do get started on that book - a chapter of dusk would be top of my next year's Christmas wish list. X


If you don't like currants, leave them out. Then you can split your cooked Welshcake and spread butter, or jam, or, as my mother did sometimes, stewed apple. Yum.


I love 'Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer' and I would buy an 'adult' version in a trice.

wasabi honey bee

The first picture is so yummy and the second is so fabulous. I LOVE to read about food!!!!!

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