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December 4, 2014


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What do they wrap the fish and chips in these days, if not newspaper?


White paper (newsprint offcuts) and/or white paper bags. It's not the same when you don't have inky fingers and there's nothing to read on the wrapping!


We lived three years in Thorpness when I was a child (1960-1963)and we loved the Fish and chips in Aldeburgh, It looks much the same!

I enjoy your blog and this post was so nice.


Was surprised to find that in Shropshire - where my partner is from - chip shop curry sauce is called 'Irish sauce'. And that our local Morrisons sells, in its Irish section, tubs of McDonnells curry sauce powder to be mixed with boiling water and served with chips.


I agree, Jane...it's not the same. We used to live in Victoria, BC, where all the good fish and chips shops wrapped in newspaper. Then we moved inland, where fish and chips shops were non-existent. We're now in Halifax, NS, and just went for fish and chips at a proper shop...and found only brown paper. My husband was crushed, but thought maybe it was because we ate in. So he specifically asked how the food would be wrapped if we ordered to go, and was told "brown paper". He was (privately) very indignant, and there were (private) words to the effect that the shop wasn't a "real" shop. I think he might cry to know that even in England newspaper is no longer used. :)

Anita at manyamickleblog

Thank you for the mention of the Edwin Smith exhibition. Because of you, I got to it just before it finished. What an education!


What a lovely post, I could almost smell the batter and vinegar. I love fish and chips. Whenever we move house (not such a frequent occurrence now, but when we were young and renting it was quite a regular thing) fish and chips is our celebratory first meal.

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