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December 29, 2014


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Glorious, quite glorious! The graphic matches and the colour contrasts are uplifting and yet there's much sneaky humour here as well! Encore! Encore!


Instagram is my social media of choice too. It satisfies the urge to create, connect and entertain in one simple operation and you do it so well Jane.

Penny Cross

Marc Chagall stained glass windows in Kent: well worth a visit if you're in the area. His high octane colours - particularly turquoise - are so much more vivid and alluring in reality than can be faithfully conveyed by even the very best cameras.

uli day

Oh my gosh, love it, love it, love it, thank you!


I enjoy Instagram for many of the reasons you state. Facebook seems to be for bragging and whining, but Instagram is like a mini vacation every time I check it. The users I follow share beauty and happiness, and often the photos are effortlessly artistic. I feel uplifted looking through my feed. I do follow you there!


Stunning photos, as always. However, the thing that caught my attention most fully....you have a sheepskin beanbag??!! That is the coolest thing ever!!! ;)

Vicki in Michigan

I can see I need to sign up for instagram -- more chances to see your lovely photos; who could say no?

Rhiannon / Starrybluesky

How lovely to find that you are on Instagram. I was a bit of a reluctant convert to Instagram too....but now I love that daily injection of colour and daily life from around the world. Look forward to seeing yours now too.


I adore your posts and photographs, especially the cake ones. I'm so pleased I've now discovered you on instagram too.

Lisa G.

Goodness - the living roof, the Paul Klee center, the dog on the fur! But nothing beats the first image of those pink and black socks you're knitting. Please, please tell me what yarn you're using and the colorway. If anything can make me attempt to knit socks, it is that exact yarn.
It reminds me of the ladies' lounge at G. Fox & Co. in Hartford, back in the day of the classy department store. The walls were painted a salmon pink and the floor was a black and white parquet style tile. As a child, I loved it! And then there was a restaurant with Victorian wallpaper (I mean Victorian people in various seasons) all around. How I loved that place - the escalators! Anyway, please do tell.

Jane Brocket


Its Opal Sweet and Spicy 4-ply colour 8610.



Such gorgeous photos. I am copying your sock knitting (again!). Thanks for sharing.

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