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November 11, 2014


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Lovely illustrations.

This reminds of the most evocative bit of the marvellous Tiger Who Came to Tea, one of the most beautiful sentences in children's literature:
"So they went out in the dark, and all the street lamps were lit, and all the cars had their lights on, and they walked down the road to a café."


Thank you. You remind me that I have a copy of High Street, I'm now going to find it and bring it into the kitchen with me.
Thanks, too, to woodscolt for pointing out The Tiger Who Came To Tea. Recently read it to my grandson, lovely, lovely Judith Kerr.


Eric Ravilious - until I bought a wall calendar last year with his illustrations I had never heard of him. I love my wall calendar and also these High Street pictures; don't they look cosy and inviting? And now, Persephone have published a book featuring his illustrations - can't wait to have a look.

Lisa G.

I attribute the November/December appeal to the upcoming holidays, by which I mean the "knowing that they are approaching" which causes an inner anticipatory emotional atmosphere. Otherwise, why wouldn't this aura be there in January or February? But it isn't. However, since you aren't a religious person, I find myself wondering if you have an explanation, or any thoughts on the subject?


You have taken me back in an instant to the dusks of my childhood. Thankyou.


Park Street in Bristol is one of those streets I like to walk along at this time of year at dusk. It feels so Christmas-y to me. Love the illustrations.

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