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October 14, 2014


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I love this light. It reminds me of the winter light in city paintings you posted some time back. Can't recall the names, father and son I think. And those brooding European films that beautifully romanticise the glow of city lights, e.g. Kieslowski's Red. As a lark not an owl, I like an early dusk. I find it hard to slope off to read in bed nice and early these days as it's bright daylight till late in our antipodean spring.


I'm glad you can see the beauty of this time of year - it's my favourite :)


I remember your saying last year that you were trying to find the positives in autumn, glad to hear you're doing the same this year. X


Have you read Jeanette Winterson's 2009 piece from the Guardian about embracing night/dark/autumn and winter? I like it lots, this especially: "take a walk that ends towards sunset, so that you are heading for home in that lovely liminal time, where light and dark are hinged against each other.
City or country, that sundown hour is strange and exhilarating, as ordinary spatial relations are altered; trees rear up in their own shadows, buildings bulk out, pavements stretch forward, the red wrapper of brake lights turns a road into a lava-flow."



I completely understand and in the last few years have deliberately made that choice as well.


I do love autumn — the colors, the cooler weather, feeling energized again — but I, too, get down in November and December. I think it may be too much holiday pressure, "holidaze" as I've seen it written. I've made a concerted effort to remove myself from it as much as possible, which helps. January, for me too, brings relief and renewal.


A few years ago, I came across a blog called SilverPebblee, and she hosted a project called Making Winter...if you google search it should pop,up. Lots of little projects and recipes to chase the winter blues away!


a few vitamin D capsules are perfectly natural...and most of us are deficient. I love autumn, the colors, the light and of course here in the States, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Enjoy the season!


Autumn in Australia is milder but very dreary -- lots of grey skies and rain and wind, and no change of colours in the leaves, either, as our trees are mostly deciduous. I used to find myself dipping down like you do as Autumn approached (here, of course, that's in March/April) until I started a nature diary several years ago. Recording in that the sights of nature that I see all year round -- trees, insects, clouds, skies, the sea, raindrops on leaves, and so on and so on -- made me see the beauty in every day, not just the warmer longer ones. I would call that mindfulness, except I hate that term. I think when you can find a moment of beauty on any day, however big or small or humble or ordinary that moment may be, it helps lift that pressing feeling of autumn dreariness.

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