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October 21, 2014


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Janet Mapleston

Hi Jane
Great post about the Anglican Cathedral windows in Liverpool......many thanks.
You may have already mentioned it in the past but there are lovely windows in the parish church of Daresbury.....a good place to stop just off the M56! I know not quite regarded as a "noble woman" but Alice (Liddell) features in one window. http://daresburycofe.org.uk/tourism/alice-window/
Really pleased to have Yarnstorm Press to read!
Best wishes


What a wonderful post! I'm not sure if they'd classify as "noble"but there are a good few frivolous and Beardleyesque women by Harry Clarke, in particular look at his work "The Eve of St Agnes" based on the poem by Keats.

Lesley Brown

Hi Jane,

I recently saw a beautiful window at St Mary Magdalene Woodstock which depicts Mary and Martha- in fact I thought of your posts on stained glass when I saw it!
Woodstock also benefits from an excellent independent bookshop, oh and of course Blenheim Palace...


susan hall

sorry to lower the tone, but when i saw your header i thought you'd been gadding to Amsterdam. damn !

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