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October 28, 2014


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Miranda | Miranda's Notebook

What a lovely post! I love your new blog and am so pleased you're still blogging. Thank you for introducing me to this painting - it is spectacular. There is something special about the sky at dusk.


Why are Art Critics so terrified of anything they regard as 'populist' ? I can only diagnose chronic insecurity.


These wonderful images evoke memories of Rear Window, one of Hitchcock's finest with James Stewart never better...perfect viewing on a rainy Sunday afternoon.


You always find the most amazing paintings to show us.


it reminds me so much of edward hopper's house at dusk!


Dusk obviously bring the glowing windows and atmospheric creepiness of Atkinson Grimshaw's paintings to mind.


Typographical error: should be "brings", not "bring".


I have a copy of this in our house. I love the nosing you can do in peoples windows at this time of year around the west end of glasgow where flats like this are everywhere, this painting reminds me of one of my favourite pastimes when I was at Uni.
I was drawn to comment cos of your mention of Richard Scarry - surely everyones favourite, I have scarred many a parent by buying ¬Cars and Truck s- for their kids. Goldbug rules X


edward hopper's house at dusk

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