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August 31, 2014


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Kristin Nicholas

These still lives are beautiful Jane. Lovely colors. And lovely new blog! XO Kristin


Welcome back Jane and congratulations on Yarnstorm Press.
These pictures are beautiful, what a great painter Vallotton was, despite what the critics say. Surely the only question to ask oneself when confronted by something different is "do I or do I not like this"? Love those marigolds!

Lesley Brown

Dear Jane,
So pleased to come on over to your new blog.
The Valloton paintings are, indeed, exquisite. I think my experience of him hitherto, has been the ugly nudes! My favourite is the one with the peppers, principally because I adore paintings of burnished silver...
I am so interested in your pursuit of regional art- both at home and abroad, and wish
you every success with Yarnstorm Press.


Mary Lou

Oh, this makes me so sad that is is September and I forgot to plant nasturtiums this summer. Lovely.

Vicki in Michigan

I, too, am very pleased to be invited to your new space!

I love these paintings, especially the rumpled checked cloth under the nasturtiums.....

Beth in Maryland

Thanks for the invitation! I'm already enjoying myself immensely.


So happy to be here, can't wait to explore this new space, thanks for inviting us all to continue the journey Jane! X

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