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August 2, 2016


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Dawn Nelson

Good on you Jane. Although I do love your blog. Haven't been reading it as much lately as we suffered a huge loss this year with my husband dying. However, we are getting back on our feet and just living and breathing like .

Life is too short. If you want a break from your blog, go for it...we will miss you! Good luck.

Dawn xx


I have enjoyed reading your posts for many years and am still hooked reading your books. I have appreciated your time in sharing what has brought you joy. The little things that make life beautiful. As a teacher I will always love your books about children's literature. Enjoy each day and thank you!


So glad I popped in here - and to see that you had too. Like many of the other commenters here, I loved and miss your blog but can imagine what a time-guzzling responsibility that must be. Hope you continue to offer us all a little 'bite-sized' Jane now and then.
Best wishes from your fellow Stopfordian.


Barbara Gardner

well...missing your blog, FYI.

Jennifer Barnes

I just wanted to mention that today at my daughter's preschool (we're in Boston), I noticed that they had put up a display of two of your books (encompassing spiky, slimy, smooth, spotty, stripy, and swirly) on a table covered with odds and ends of materials that have interesting textures and patterns that the children were exploring! It was fun to see the books there -- even though I mostly associate you with my oldest son who was born at around the same time you invented the ripple blanket -- I spent much of my first year with him making one. I hope you are well!

Jane Brocket


Thanks for letting me know. I do like the idea of my books inspiring curiosity and a lot of feeling!

Hope you are well. Your son must be quite old now - I cant even remember when I made my first ripple blanket!



Pardon me while I have a cry that you are not blogging anymore. I discovered you after picking up one of your books at a sale in 2011 (I remember because I had just had my first child and I spent his nap time with coffee and your book / quilting). Gone are those days as I now have 2 little munchkins and a 2 part time (feels like full time) jobs.

All the best to you, I loved getting to know you back then. Thanks for all the quilt inspiration.

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