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February 15, 2016


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Happy Birthday to your Son and Daughter. I love tulips too


Congratulations to your twins, 23 is early twenties I'd say, 24 - 27 mid and 27+ late! X

Maxine Haddleton

Lovely post Jane! I had triplets on February 17th 1992 - these blue skied crisp cold mornings evoke poignant memories of the beautiful Monday morning they were born - Valentine's Day that year having been on the Friday. Were have those 20+ years gone?


Isn't it amazing how time flies?!
A very happy birthday to your grown-up children (how different they must be from the children portrayed in your classic book, now!)! I hope they are both in a very good place and enjoying life that you struggled more than most to give! All the best.


In catch up with my fave blogs mode - Yay, I'm a twin and our birthday is Feb. 14th too!! Absolutely it's all about birthday :) :) and none of the materialistic junk that abounds today :(


I love this foto ! I would like to have it as a wallpaper. The colours are so bright and beautiful.
It makes my skin crawl, looking at it.


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