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February 28, 2016


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Jocelyn Hayes Thurston

I've enjoyed reading your blog very much. I liked this post about your blogging too. I find your projects inspirational; in fact, I learned how to crochet hexagons and am making a blanket just because I saw yours and loved it. Thank you from Me, Jocelyn outside Ottawa, Canada.


I stumbled across this post and I found it so interesting. I started a blog when we took a sabbatical in 2014 and moved to Italy for a year. I wanted to record our adventures and my embroidery projects along the way. Like you, I found writing a blog gave me a deeper appreciation of each experience. When our year was up, I resigned from my job and we moved to Sicily - so I am still happily blogging about it all. I also find uploading the pictures first is the only I can write a post.

Sue @ Quilting the Green Star

That is so insightful Jane, it is easy to lose your way in Blogland and I often feel it's important to show real life as well as perfect blog life. I think your photos have inspired me to improve my composition so much and also to take great pleasure in small things. How a tray of cakes is arranged adds huge value to the enjoyment of eating them! Thank you for this blog.

Dawn Nelson

Congrats on 11 years of a fab blog!! Still loving it and still reading book recommendations (many of which have become firm favourites).

Dawn xx


Almost 7 years for my blog.
I hope to follow your fine example to 11 years!

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