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July 7, 2015


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And when you pack, you don't even have to worry about what to wear this year in your garden or on the sofa. Bon Voyage! Have a lovely holiday.

Susan Krzywicki

Mmmmmm, sounds wonderful. Inspiring.


Thanks for sending a postcard!


making lemonade! lovely (and I love stay-at-home vacations.) I owe you an email—it's forthcoming.


Brilliant! I am especially enjoying the view of the hollyhocks at your Home Retreat. I bought hollyhock plants last year at my nearby nursery. I was warned they might not flower the first year. They didn't. Now though they are springing forth with green leaves they don't look at all hollyhockish to me and I am wondering what I am growing...I may have to just be satisfied with armchair admiration of yours from your vacation reprise :) Thanks for posting, Jane, and I do hope you continue to enjoy you vacation!

Penny Miller

Sounds like the perfect holiday! I laughed about the shower, we have just spent the last two weeks mastering the thermostat in our holiday house shower! x

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