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July 16, 2015


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The Hollyhock's Friend?

It's really beautiful anyway.


It should be called That's Gorgeous because omg it is!!
Amazing! Bestest Susan

dawn in nl

Garden trellis?

I agree it is gorgeous.

Lisa G.

Or "Jack and the Beanstalk", not because there are beanstalks, or anyone who could be Jack, but the hollyhocks are climbing so sturdily up the length of it, it made me think of climbing up a beanstalk. :)

Jean Birch-Leonard

Watermelon and mint. Even though there isn't a smidgen of supportive evidence.


Flowers and Bees? or Mid-Summer Flowers?

Love the color combinations! So very summery.

Cheryl Joy Seely

How did you do the flower climbing up the quilt?
Interpreted Cheryl


My first impression was raspberries, then "Berries and Green." What a smashingly happy and gorgeous quilt!


"Hollyhocks" sounds ok to me. Lovely quilt.


My first thought was sorbet. Could just be that I'm hungry :).

The Shopping Sherpa

Crimson and Clover?


So lovely. It's my favourite colour combination, I can't resist.

Beth in Maryland

I don't know why, but this instantly made me think of the small town in northern Missouri where my mother grew up. And I never even lived there! Anyhow, it's beautiful.


Charming. My vote is for "Hollyhock" (if we're voting ; )


Pink lime-ade
Even if it remains untitled - it's still gorgeous!

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