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June 30, 2015


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I always enjoy when you have photos of Aldeburgh as it is very dear to me. We lived in Thorpness in the early 60's for three years My Mom would often take us for a walk along the sea into Aldeburgh.

I love how the Cragg sisters have where you can bring a hamper and have it filled with their goodies for a lunch out. Lovely!

I do remember the fish and chip shop.

We went back a few years ago and I loved it then as much as before!

Jane, I enjoy your photos so much and also follow you on Instagram.



What a lovely Aldeburgh post and thank you for your reading list. I have In the Country and love the illustrations as much as the text.
I am very seasonal and location sensitive with my reading and have taken some of your ideas, ordered them from our amazing Suffolk library service, and look forward to reading them in the school holidays.
Today was a perfect Suffolk day and I spent it at the Beachut with friends. I am so glad you had such a lovely weekend in Aldeburgh.
p.s. Do bear in mind (she begs politely) my idea of doing a workshop in Suffolk - Aldeburgh has a lovely village hall!


Enjoying a sense of continuity, I so agree with that sentiment Jane. We are currently in Wales for the third year running and my boys are loving the sense of continuity, revisiting,with as much joy, places we have been in our previous visits. X

Philip Wilkinson

What lovely photographs. By coincidence I was in Suffolk a couple of days ago and also found myself admiring roses growing up house fronts (and also the various colours of the houses themselves, come to that) and the Blythburgh angels and that lettering, and, and...

Victoria from London

That first photo is utterly stunning, with the cool wall and shadow colour and pattern playing against the flowers and the pink. Your compositions are deeply refreshing to my hungry eye.

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