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June 24, 2015


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this repeat (of sorts) is beautiful!


I love Test Match Special (I could do without Geoffrey Boycott though). I wish I could summon up some creative energy whilst listening and make something lovely too.

Jane Gibson

Laws please Jane, never rules!


I completely get this! in the mid 90s when I had finished my first set of university exams (I was a 'mature' student with 2 sons), exams for which I had over-thunk, over-prepared and over-worried, I lay zoned out and watched a test series between Australia and South Africa. I knew little about cricket then, but I just relaxed into the unfolding narratives, the characters, the varying pace and became hooked. Hmmm maybe I should take advantage of the break between semesters and a pile of unfinished knitting projects to get back to the sofa and the sports channel.


just wondering...what do you do with all the quilts you make?!


I have a quilt basted and ready for the cricket here particularly as my family will be going to the MCG to watch it and I will be at home in the cool and quiet.

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