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April 9, 2015


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Thanks for bringing my attention to greengrocer art, Jane. I have appreciated greengrocer produce displays without giving due credit to the artistry of those who have arranged them. Just as you championed the domestic arts for me, you are expanding my horizons of art appreciation within the world of commerce :)


Patchwork quilts of the 'everyday'! Thankyou for this. Oh, how I miss the taste and green scent of Kent Cobnuts!

Kristin Nicholas

Love this Jane.


I have masses of photos I have taken of produce displays. India provided some wonderful pics of fruit & veg & I can't resist continental markets for displays not only of veg but also fish. I remember my first visit to Amsterdam & being blown away by the way florists assembled their flowers & foliage on the streets. Great to see that now happening in London & elsewhere in the UK.


This wouldn't happen to be the stall near Holborn station, would it ? It looks awfully familiar...

Anne B-A

This post makes me very nostalgic for Reg the Veg in Clifton. I particularly miss the huge healthy bunches of herbs.


Love this. A great set of photos. I'm going to take more notice of fruit & veg in future, such lovely patterns Mind you most fruit & veg I see is in metal bowls 'Paaand a scoop!'

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