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April 16, 2015


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Beautiful tulips. My next ambition, grow tulips in the garden!


There is nothing more glad-ifying than a bunch of mixed tulips in bright hot colours. I really should have planted my bulbs 2 weeks ago but keep procrastinating buying bulb mix and more pots. These bunches make me determined to plant them asap before it's no longer autumn.


Once I read that Benjamin Franklin declared himself to be a pessimist because then he wasn't surprised by negative circumstances, but was delighted when circumstances were unexpectedly positive. I on the other hand tend to be a reckless Pollyanna type, who though sometimes tiresome to folks around me, thinks she finds a steady pace of joy! :)

I am glad you are enjoying the unexpected bonus of your bouquet of tulips, Jane, and I especially thank you for sharing them with us since my last batch of tulips is waning.

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